Re-Envisioning of Viru Square in Tallinn, Estonia

This proposal for Viru Square by Joel KernerChris Miller, and Kyle Faulkner seeks to create a new functional plaza space for Tallinn, without interfering with the existing or future transit system. The scheme provides a dedicated transit zone below grade that allows for the at grade surface to serve as a renewed pedestrian square. This solution becomes more necessary when autonomous vehicles are taken into consideration. Autonomous vehicles would be capable of traveling at higher speeds, therefore posing a greater potential conflict with pedestrians. Moreover, the roadway capacity of vehicles would increase due to reduced need for safety gaps. This increased volume of vehicles on the roadway would make it less likely for Viru Square to function as a plaza space. The renewed plaza serves as an armature around which a new focal point for Tallinn emerges. New office spaces and a branch library are proposed in order programmatically anchor the square, and to spatially reshape and define it as well.