November Lectures in London, UK

The event yearly organized by the Sto Foundation in four different European cities: Stuttgart, in Germany, Milan, in Italy, Graz, Paris, in France, Prague in Hungary, is, this year, including London for the first time.
All events are hosted by some major European Schools of Architecture, among them The University of Stuttgart, in Germany, the Politecnico of Milan, in Italy, the TU Graz, in Austria, the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville in Paris, in France and the TU Prague in Hungary.

In London, the Sto Foundation has chosen, among others, the School of Architecture at the University of East London, for its outstanding positions on civic engagement and for its interest in manipulating materiality and new technologies.
Sto appointed a curator, Architect Maria Alessandra Segantini, Director of C+S Architects, ( to choose a topic of discussion and invite four outstanding architects to expand on it, through a lecture and a dialogue with her.
As the curator of the 2015 November Lectures in London, Segantini would like to address and discuss the question of public space in our complex information age.

Lecturers have been chosen for their capacity of tacking the nodes of a profession, that of the architect, which is presently undergoing a series of radical changes and where all the different stakeholder involved in the processes of design, construction and final users are asked to sit together around a table and discuss about the future of the piece of the city they are going to transform.