Architecture Student Research Grant Exhibition Opening

The Architecture Student Research Grant is designed to foster student research and encourage collaboration beyond Taubman College. The goal is to recognize the outstanding efforts of Taubman students and provide financial backing for such projects.

6 pm presentations in the A+A Auditorium, followed by a reception in the college gallery.

2015 Project Winners:

The Dialogue Between Drawing Machines and Human Ambience by Tommy Kyung Tae Nam, Hans Hyun Seong Min, Xu Zhang, Siwei Ren, and Jaekyun Brandon Kang (Carnegie Mellon University)

Hyper Unreal by Ian Ting, Eujain Ting, and Joseph Biglin

The Architecture of Loneliness by Kallie Sternburgh and Tafhim Rahman

Exhibition runs October 13 – November 8 in the Taubman College Gallery. To learn more about this exhibtion, visit the Architecture Student Research Grant page.

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