In Time (The Rhythm of the Workshop)

Featuring the work of three filmmakers, Denis Côté (Montreal), Daniel Eisenberg (Chicago) and Andreas Bunte (Berlin), In Time (The Rhythm of the Workshop) turns the camera lens on industrial manufacturing and ways that material, bodies and value are shaped by those processes. Throughout all three films the complex interdependencies that are required between humans and tools, tools and objects, objects and humans, and all parties and the marketplace are depicted and build on one another through a shared “melody” across the soundtracks.

The films are punctuated by Varvara & Mar’s (Tallinn/Barcelona) Speed of Markets, an installation of seven metronomes set to follow and translate into rhythm the real-time trade volume of the stock-markets. In Time allows for a meditation on the choreography of fabrication, the transference of energy, the dignity of labor, and the unexpected ways material becomes immaterial.

Looking slowly and closely, all three filmmakers construct films that are spare and elegant considerations of manufacturing, even as they attempt to capture the ideological climate of those workshops. The result is a group of time-based labor portraits.

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